CyberGhost Review


CyberGhost has a history of being a solid VPN provider,and has made its presence known in the old continent, adn has managed so far to slip by EU laws since it promises to not log or keep any logs,protocol surfing behaviours or record basically does what any VPN provider would do,encrypt data and anonymize the user’s whereabouts.

Offering free and paid subscription plans alike,users that only seek just enough security to download the freakiest porn can make do with  only the free vpn plan. But,the best things in life are free; with some restrictions,such as limited speed,occasional advertisements,automatic disconnection(after 6 hours and no auto-reconnect),you can’t connect to a server of your choice,and you can only use the weakest version of OpenVpn protocol.

the premium and premium plus version have better speeds,250 servers in 20 countries,no adverts,automatic reconnection and you have the option to use IPSec or PPTp VPN(still 128-bit encryptions).The premium plus version offers multi-device connection and  a 256-bit OpenVpn encryption upgrade.They’ve also added anonymous was to pay for theirs services,Bitcoin payments being an available option.

As we mentioned earlier, CyberGhost has a zero logs policy,no content,web history or Ip addresses are kept,aside from some very little information, nothing is retained.

Performance and speed are consistent,speeds  are likely to vary a bit because each time you connect  you are connected to a random server.Also there are no problems on logging in on different platforms and devices and the interface is user friendly and professional -looking.The registration and installation process are simple and run smoothly,and at its first use of the client,you have a module which offers you a wide range of options that further enhance your browsing anonymity.

Except having no servers outside Europe and only a handful in US and having to pay for a 256-bit encryption,CyberGhost does its job in offering protection and anonymity while searching for erotic fanfiction with Obama and ponies.