One of the giants of the Internet Privacy industry,HydeMyAss is a British based VPN that has over 700 servers in 151 countries  all over the world. They have had some problems with privacy before due to being in the UK and having to data retention laws.


They use all major protocols as OpenVPN,L2TP(256-bit encryption) and PPTP(128-bit encryption) and although that sounds very dandy indeed,but like we mentioned before,being based in the UK means they keep logs  and will provide authorities with information upon request(see LulzSec fiasco).So if torrenting and a higher level of privacy is what you fancy, i suggest you choose another VPN provider.


HideMyAss is yet another provider that offers the same services in all packages,focusing more on dicounts. They’re  on the expensive side of the VPN family,with $11.52 1 month,$49.99 for 6 months and $78.66 a year, but on the glazed side of the pudding, all packages have a 30-day money back guarantee. As with most VPN providers,debit/credit cards,Paypal and Bitcoin are accepted to pay for their services.

Support, site

Their website is user-friendly,with features  and info easy to find and access,as well as forums,blogs and review posts of their services. Support comes in the form of FAQ,email and live chat,but  they’re not 24/7,response time has been reported to be slow and you only get copy/paste URLs and links if you have more complex queries.

Setup &Compatibility

Setup consists of providing an email and payment method,then you;ll get a link to download the software,installing the client taking only a few minutes. The configuring steps are easy to follow,the only inconvenience being needing to download additional software for L2TP usage.

You get support for most devices and operating systems(Mas,Windows,Linux) and has dedicated  apps fro iOS and Apple,Android having only a beta version and you need to sign -up using your Google+ account(Android users seem to have all the luck).


Although they have been for some time in the game,and from a technical viewpoint they’re  pretty solid,besides being a let down on customer support,from a bitchy privacy- freak,i don;t feel my ass is hidden enough.