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Well-traveled 19th-century explorer Ferdinand Hayden called Utah's vast Uinta Mountains—with their gorgeous pine forests, high-alpine meadows, and graceful symmetry—his favorite range. We hiked the entire trail including the section east of Leidy Peak, unlike most people. Viewers will experience the adventures and challenges along the way. About 2.5 miles past Mirror Lake and just after passing from Duchesne County into Summit County, turn right (east) into the Highline Trail parking lot. I always try and get a hitch/shuttle/ride on the front end whenever possible, so I can get that logistical worry out of the way, and so I don't smell as disgusting when someone else is giving me a ride in their car. They're not a big problem up high. The Highline was a great ~80 mile hike that requires some logistical planning but is possible to do from the Salt Lake City area without a car. Uinta Highline Trail 2017 This was the third year my brother, Andrew, and I decided to go for an approximately week-long hike, the week before Labor Day Weekend. If you're starting at US 191, there's a long (20-mile) before you get to Leidy Peak. It is a bit rocky in places, especially where horses have done damage to the trail. Begin at the Leidy Peak Trailhead (or for a shorter route begin at Chepeta Lake Trailhead). For detailed information, step-by-step directions, maps, and more, please visit the. This page is intended to be a quick planning resource to address those questions. A few friends and I recently finished a thru-hike of the Uinta Highline Trail in northern Utah's Uinta mountains, so I wanted to throw a quick trip-report up here to combat the dearth of detailed info about this hike or the region more generally.. Uinta Highline Trail shuttle/food drop Providing timely, courteous pick up and drop off at Hayden Pass (western terminus for E-W hike), McKee Draw (eastern terminus for W-E hike), or Leidy Peak. Perhaps the most famous trail in Glacier NP is the Highline Trail and rightly so. It flows right across the trail. Menu. An attempt to do it last year with another friend fell through. After Leidy Peak, it crosses just one dirt road - at Chepeta Dam - and that road has zero traffic. Chipeta Dam trailhead (70 miles). I am a complete fishing novice and even I can catch a few. Anderson Pass (12,800'): The highest point on the UHT. :), As of July 1st, 2020 the Wilkins Shuttles site says: "Due to circumstances beyond our control and health issues, we have no choice but to close our doors completely". We have developed a love for this region that can't be described in words. Yippee! Primary Menu. I'm not certain when they shut down.Craig, Park City, UT. I can't seem to find their website but you can reach them at [email protected] It's home to all 14 of Utah's thirteeners (peaks in excess of 13,000'). I don't know anybody who's seen one above 10k in the Uintas - and the UHT is above 10k for its entire length. I came across a flyer posted on a tree at the top of Lambert Meadow for a Erik Robertson. ‘Missing Hiker on Highline Trail, Uintas, Utah My good friend, 63 year old Eric Robinson from Australia, set off to thru hike the Highline Trail 7.28.11. Don't forget to tag Kings Peak! About the Uinta Highline Trail. Sofia Jeremias, Deseret News. The passes, conveniently, are about a dozen miles apart. I blinked. Directed by Chris Smead. Perhaps in a few years, grizzlies will return to the Uintas. This trailhead is located at what I'd consider to be the "true" eastern end of the classic High Uintas. If you want a long hike without a shuttle, here is one suggestion. Older literature may reference a service - Wilkins Bus Lines - that offered shuttles; however, Wilkins ceased operations in 2020. 1 trek across Utah's Uinta Highline Trail & a new exciting documentary sharing it all Our team has spent a significant amount of their lives in the High Uinta Wilderness of northeastern Utah. 5 friends. You may be able to sneak around the snow by staying north of the actual pass on the main Uintas crest, as shown on the mapped alternate. The Uinta Highline Trail is one of the most stunning trails in all the world. Simply follow this. Highline Trail es un sendero de punto a punto de 101.6 millas con tráfico pesado localizado cerca de Kamas, Utah. While the UHT is a great hike overall, I think there is a little room for improvement. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until October. ... Day 0 (8/10) – drive up from Salt Lake City, park car at northern terminus (Glacier Trail trailhead), shuttle back to Bruce Bridge around dinner time, camp just a bit out from Bruce Bridge. We hiked the Highline on Tuesday, 9/1. The Uinta Range, in northwestern Utah, is a sub-range of the Rocky Mountains. The Uinta Highline Trail is a beautiful and worthwhile adventure, however it's much more rugged and remote than trails like the John Muir Trail. Hi All, I am planning to do the 100 mile option of the Uinta Highline Trail in late August, potentially starting August 24th. In most years, that's around mid-July. It doesn't really matter all that much. Planning on spending a week mid-August backpacking the Uinta Highline Trail and hoping to connect with anyone who might be out that way hiking or willing to shuttle (for a reasonable fee). ... Overlooking one of many alpine lakes situated around the Highline Trail. The Highline is the main east-west trail traversing the High Uintas. For each of us, our first experience on the trail was unbelievable! Amanda would be your contact. The terrain, crossing long stretches of forest, treeless tundra, leads the trail through expansive alpine landscapes, separated by rocky passes carved by retreating glaciers. Uinta Highline Trail – As Good as It Gets in 100 Miles A brief overview of the UHT The Uinta Highline Trail is a high elevation hiking path through the Uinta range in Northern Utah These mountains are the only range to run east to west in the country, making for a unique geologic experience. Start hiking at 6am, and you'll often complete your daily mileage by early afternoon. America's greatest left to right mountain range.. Home of Utah's highest peaks and most stunning views It's excellent. Thanks for the post! I've normally found a little bit of water running across the trail in the Leidy Peak area, but it's not reliable. In addition to the above, savvy hikers will notice that the eastern end of the Uintas (east of Anderson Pass) are pretty gentle. The Unita Highline Trail itself. Planning on spending a week mid-August backpacking the Uinta Highline Trail and hoping to connect with anyone who might be out that way hiking or willing to shuttle (for a reasonable fee). The shuttle driver will meet us at our car at Hayden Pass drive take us the remaining 4½ hours to the Highline Trail junction at Chepeta Lake. Getting to the Uinta Highline Trail. The Uinta mountain range in Utah is one of the few ranges in North America that runs east to west. The highest continuous established trail in the Uintas is the Highline Trail (#025) that runs the length of the mountain range. If I fly into Vernal, can I get a cab or Uber to US 191 trailhead? Sometimes I’d spot a tent far off on the horizon or down in … I suppose you could arrange for a friend to meet you on that dirt road with some food, but to be honest, most hikers just carry all their food with them. Five friends. 2 talking about this. This trailhead makes for the longest hike and easiest logistics, but the first 15-20 miles are mostly a forest walk, and don't really fit the high alpine theme of the rest of the route. Hikers travel all or part of 60 miles through classic alpine and subalpine Utah. Uinta PeakBaggers has 772 members. Highline Trail in the Uinta Mountains of Utah Views of every kind—distant horizons, nearby wildlife, isolated lake basins—are better on ridgeline hikes. Be careful! Each day’s distance is roughly 12-14 miles. Just curious if anyone in SLC area would be interested in hiking West - East around the same time and swapping cars for the shuttle? While you walked out on the Highline on Day 1, it is a completely different walk going the other way. Highline follows 5 hikers as they traverse a lesser known mountain range in Utah call the Uinta. by RockLobster » Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:29 pm . 10 days. The trail largely follows the ridgeline and offers great views of the valleys. If I were planning the trip in advance, I probably wouldn't plan to start until about the 3rd week of July. As soon as Dead Horse Pass melts out. At the trailhead, I hoisted my 38-pound pack and proceeded up trail number 025. Below are a few recommendations: It's gnarly, no two ways about it. You can also print DIY maps using Caltopo. Uinta Highlline Trail - Hikers/Shuttle Wanted! The terrain, crossing long stretches of forest, treeless tundra, leads the trail through expansive alpine landscapes, separated by rocky passes carved by retreating glaciers. Another side trip is the route along the Highline Trail, out of the east side of the head basin, over to the East Fork Blacks Fork. About the Uinta Highline Trail. ... For those hikers who are coming from out-of-state or who don't have somebody to shuttle them, it's possible to self-shuttle using a mixture of hitchhiking, Utah Transit Authority buses, and free Summit County buses. 10 days. This mountain range contains all of the Utah peaks higher than 13,000 feet and it is the most remote mountain range in the state. No word has been heard from him or of him. It's not very steep, but it's your first 12,000' pass of the trip unless you've been taking ridgetop alternates. The shuttle is not ideal, but it is at least a pretty drive for an amazing hike. The Highline Trail in the Uinta Mountains is one of the best mountain trails in the state. Maps for this trail are remarkably straightforward. Ten days. Posted on September 25, 2018 Leave a comment on Uinta Highline Trail Day 1 Intricate, jazzy soul music played as my friend, Kam, drove me through the Utah desert into the low Uintas. Trail is very muddy for the first 1/2 mile south of the Highline Trail early in the season and following summer storms. The Uinta Highline Trail crosses most of the length of the Uinta Mountains, the only major east-west mountain range in the United States. The western approach is fairly steep and rocky, but nothing to be concerned about. It is steep and loose and, if the trail is still snowcovered, a bit treacherous. This trailhead makes for the shortest hike. There is a variant here, which is to walk all the way back to Logan Pass via the Highline and Granite Park Chalet. The Highline was a great ~80 mile hike that requires some logistical planning but is possible to do from the Salt Lake City area without a car. The trail runs 104 miles east to west, which I’d love to crank out in 5–6 days (17–21 miles per day, which is what I averaged on the JMT). Lots of off-trail alternates are possible through here, including along ridgetops. There is a shuttle service that operates along the Going-to-the-Sun-Road, which you must catch. Red Knob Pass (12,000'): A little confusing. For most of human history, we lived in wild places. There are no practical opportunities to resupply along the UHT. Amblings and Ramblings in the American West, Excellent resource! That often means you'll hide in your tent for a couple hours while it storms like the dickens outside. A beautiful and unique view can be found around each corner, and for us, that is something we want to share with you. You get even better views from the beginning of this trail than you can on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. The business name is Mountain Trails. It is one of the most memorable hikes I've ever done. If you park a vehicle on the west end, along Mirror Lake Highway, a self-service permit is required. Glad you asked! Uinta Highline Trail A couple weeks ago, Ben Lewis, Jason Berry, Peter Lindgren and I set off on what proved to be a most excellent adventure. ... -up time to accommodate your schedule best -Rent vehicle from SLC airport or turo.com -Park at either trailhead and our shuttle will transport your group to the opposite trailhead (3.5 hours drive) The Uinta Highline Trail - A Guide Updated for the 2021 hiking season. They quotes me a shuttle from the western terminus to the easter for $300. The trail can be a little faint at times, especially through meadows and open areas. ... Getting back from the other end of the trail can be done with a shuttle from Wilkins Bus lines located in Vernal so call and talk to them if you can’t park a car at the terminus. Anywhere from 70-105 miles, depending on your choice of eastern trailhead (more on that below). Gabbro Pass (11,700'): nothing particularly complicated, although snow cornices can hang around for an uncomfortably long time on the eastern side. This is the longest car shuttle of the three options. Misc. July 31st - August 4th, 2012 the clan did a long walk across the Uinta Range. Between the Highline Trailhead at Hayden Pass to East Park Reservoir on the Ashley National Forest, the trail stretches nearly 100 miles. My first UHT hike was in an average snow year, and the north side of Dead Horse was still fairly snowbound as of the 4th of July. Leidy Peak/Hacking Lake trailhead (80 miles). But, as any aspiring UHT hiker will soon find out, transportation is a problem. His lime green, Honda Element fought through the gusts of wind as I sat there giddy with excitement. The Uinta Highline Trail is a beautiful and worthwhile adventure, however it's much more rugged and remote than trails like the John Muir Trail. We drove the rental car to the Hayden Pass Trailhead. Just as we finished packing up, Clifton, our friendly shuttle driver arrived. Uinta Highline Trail travel logistics options. This is the most significant logistical challenge of the Highline. The Highline Trail. Most of the trail is above … Five friends embark on a ten-day journey on the incredible Uinta Highline Trail in northern Utah. Hayden Pass Trailhead (aka Highline Trailhead), on Mirror Lake Highway (UT 150). Difficult. I asked and they will provide USB chargers in the bus. The Unita Highline Trail itself. Permits are available at the Highline Trailhead itself or at a permit station along the highway. Basically none. Over the past few years, the Uinta Highline Trail has increased greatly in popularity. We hiked the Highline on Tuesday, 9/1. Trail contacts: Ashley National Forest; Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. I am planning on hiking the Uinta Highline Trail on July 13, 2019 - Sunday, July 21th, 2019 with 3 other friends! In a high snow year, it may not be doable, without an ice axe at least, until August. Along those same lines, the trail can be quite intimidating, and at times can put travelers in unpredictable and deadly situations. Of note, there is an unmapped but reliable spring on the E side of Anderson Pass at about 12,400. It's mostly just a long uphill, and those in good high altitude shape may be able to power up. A look at a documentary on the "Uinta Highline Trail" by Outmersive Films. 7. It's one of only ranges in the United States that runs east-west, rather than north-south. Dead Horse Pass (11,600'): The crux of the official route. In basic terms, the popular Highline Trail parallels the Uinta Crest, staying almost entirely on the south side. Porcupine Pass (12,200'): Gradual approach from the east, dropping off sharply on the west side. One of the more notable trails is the Highline hiking trail which follows the range from Mirror Lake for 64 miles to an area Northeast of Vernal, Utah. After Deadman Lake, there's a 400' climb back up before you crest an unnamed pass and drop to Whiterocks Lake. For most of human history, we lived in wild places. This site is dedicated to helping travelers prepare for and execute a successful trip on the Highline Trail. I often get questions from prospective UHT hikers about the trail. Because of COVID, they were not running any shuttles.

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