One of the favorites of VPNining,OverPlayVPN is known for its reliability and speed,having over 100 servers in 62 locations around the world.


OverPlayVPN  uses 128-bit encryption data,having the option to choose between  VPN connections such as OpenVPN,PPTP,L2TP/IPsec(although OpenVPN is the best choice,it’s nice to have options,i guess).SSL is the cryptographic protocol of choice,but we’re waiting to see if they’ll switch to its newer version(TLS), since upgrading  and improvement is a must in this line of work.OverPlayVPN is a bit to needy when it comes to personal info;they ask you for your  name, personal information and email id used for the signup,and they  record your login IP address, date/time and connection duration,things which conflict with a VPN’s main purpose.


The offers here are different from what we were used to by now(you know,the big 3 packages).Your cheapest is the smart DNS package at $4.95 and it doesn’t include all  the services(this package is more for getting past censorship and media streaming).The full VPN package, GlobalVPN comes with all the services,but it doesn’t offer generous discounts for long-term subscriptions with $9.95 a month,$27.95 for 3 months,$52.95 for 6 months and $99.95 a year. There is no free trial,only a 48 hour money back guarantee(a time span sufficient for choosing what to wear at a wedding but not enough for determining if a VPN is good).OverPlayVPN  accepts only credit/debit cards and PayPal(YUNOBITCOIN?).

Support &site

If you’re short tempered and hate waiting,you’re not going to like their customer support. Though they have email tech support and live chat,they’re just as useful Xmas decorations in spring,the tech team choosing to send you on a link-to -link-support portal goose chase(to eneter any link you need to log in every time;even when you  need information on how to log in).

The site is full of installation instructions,has a FAQ page and a blog,but no forums in sight(maybe that way they would have seen all the complaints regarding support).

Setup and compatibility

Setup is pretty easy and without much of a fuss,the online instructions being clear and simple to follow. Supported OS are Windows, Android, Mac OS/X, Linux, and is compatible with an impressive list of devices,routers streaming devices ,phones,tablets and even game consoles.


It’s good that they categorized their packages according to different target clients,but their almost non-existent support,48 hour guarantee,lack of free trial and payment options are cons that redirect you to their SmartDNS package before going for their more expensive services.