Like most VPN services,pureVPN helps you surf the internet protected and anonymous through its features,speed and quality customer support. A few flaws here and there,but we’ll get to the knit-picking soon.


PureVPN supports PPTP,L2TP/IPsec,STTP and SSL with 128 bit encryption,but they only support OpenVPN on a beta basis,despite it being must in the VPN business. They also lack a ‘zero logs’ policy and they use static instead of dynamic  IP,which may not sit so well with users that want more confidentiality and invisibility. They get brownie-points though, on having split-tunneling(you can assign yourself a different IP while maintaining your local connection) and internet kill switch (internet switches of when VPN is disconnected) NAt firewall,malware protection and smart DNS on their list of features.


Keeping it simple,they offer the same features in all packages,choosing to focus more on large discounts for longer periods of time(1 month plan-$9.95,1year $49.95, 6 months-$44.95).They don’t have free trial,only a 3 day money back guarantee and  during said period you must have less than 500MB used,a thing which we found as pleasant as stroking a iguana. Payment methods include  major debit/credit cards,Paypal,Google Checkout, the downside being there is no Bitcoin option available.


Support, site

Through various means,such as live chat,forums,ticketing system,official website,they offer the 24/7 support they boast about. The site is comprehensive,easy to navigate and a wide range of tutorial to help you through your installation-troubled times.

Setup &Compatibility

The installation process felt a bit too long,a lot of information required,and with more steps than a person with ADHD and would like. Also you have to provide an official document to prove your identity,which is like the Antichrist of anonymity and your login details had some lag getting to you.

Offers support for PC, Mac, Android and iOS  and setup guides for Linux and routers(routers are supported only in the “Unlimited” plan) and compatible on other devices,though restricted to 2 logins per account.


Despite providing lots of customizable options and unique security features,its encryption settings and setup can get confusing and tiring,and they make the user feel uncomfortably exposed with all that identification  processes, which honestly is not what one looks when choosing a VPN service.