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I have a lot of apologies to extend to co-workers. I’m day 4 and it’s still hard. I had tried probably twice a year for well over 15 years to quit. It’s still there though. Two years ago I was diagnosed with COPD. Sincerly Renee. Lordy these cravings have me by the throat tonight . Lucky me, I lost my ID – so I cant even buy new ones-, gave all my cigs to a friend, and had the last pack accidentally go through the wash. I am singing better than ever. You don’t feel like that for very long. I really want to quite, I see the nicotine results in my body the damage to my skin my hands and feet. I still miss them, but I don’t dare take a puff or I will be right back where I was. Then dropped those all together as well. Hi all bern smoking 35 yrs today tyynmsny times f***k love it tonight 3 days night wish me luck. The nicotine begins to let go. I have succeeded at many difficult things in my life but never at this one. Because the nicotine in your cigarettes has been slower leaving your body, you didn’t feel many physical symptoms on your first cigarette-free day. I’m on day 4 and i also started an exercise program and want to start running. 21 mg is too much for me. Shaking hands? Hi all well I am 8 days smoke free….I am using the Nicorette patch and sometimes I feel like I am cheating. But I say no don’t do it. Head feels like it’s in a vice. Pat,pat on back. Day 4 was fer sure the worst – spent hours looking for cigarettes in my stuff – car, laundry, etc. Good luck all, Ive been smoking since i was 16 or 17 i think and ive just turned 60, lost my dad 23 days ago, after i went cold turkey and havnt smoked since, i never got any cravings for first two weeks, but the craving i have had since are no problem, This time ive found it really easy, almost like my father is helping me , Good luck to anyone who stops, If i can do it anyone can, 32 days, very easy when you thinking like every cigarette is gun pointed at your head…..I think another puff will kill me so Im done…been smoking 17 years and 12 years pack a day. I can do this. I know for me reading blogs that talk about how hard it is after week 2 is far from encouraging. 25 years old 1 year clean and sobre, but on day 7 without a smoke. Yes and no. Just very edgy. After some months of not smoking you really forget that you ever smoked. Also I read I should embrace my triggers so have been Drinking Coffee in the morning, and alcohol at night so I get used to having those routines without Nictoine. . (New Year/Birthdays etc). I am on DAY 4 of not having a cig my last one was monday at 10am most of my friends smoke which also makes it a bit harder i must say theres been a couple of time yesterday and this morning that the craviins have been pretty strong as the shop is just over rd its very tempting and i come close 2/3 times but i held on tight and still havent had one .. i hope i can keep it this way experiencing headakes yesterday and today but anadin headake and migraine tablets are doing there job also started to take vitabiotics well woman vitamin and minerals on day 7 of them and already feeling benifits they are really good good luck everyone be strong xx. I’m on the 3rd day of non smoking.Smoked for 10 years about a pack/day. are recommended by doctors. Very hard but I think I can , I think I can, I think I can!!! I smoked 17 years a pack a day to a pack and a half. I’m on day 6 cold turkey. Nicotinestays in your system for up to 3 days. You have to commit to forcing yourself through the rough times and know that they will pass. Easiest day. This is simply mental framework and many therapists use this. Like you said, I feel so empty and depressed and like I lost my best friend. I enjoy smoking, but I hate the smell, and what its doing to me. It feels like a physical craving, and in a way it is...but the source is a thought, not physical withdrawal from nicotine. But they are not the lose your mind cravings. That’s the worst. I really enjoyed my cigarette but I knew it was bad for me seeing I’m hypertensive! Not easy, but it is straightforward?!! I know all I need is one puff and its over. thanks for nothing. But, did you know the third day after you quit smoking is often the hardest one? Quitting smoking was the hardest thing I ever did for my health My painful journey to quitting smoking to save my life. No Cigarettes: Day 1 — Dose 1.5 grams of Phenibut at 6PM that evening to help with sleep since quitting nicotine always hits my sleep the hardest the first few nights. My relationship with food is so screwed up! The first two weeks were kind of plain sailing as long as I took it an hour at a time. Single parent now and I am with someone new, and she is a closet smoker like me and we have so much fun sitting outside smoking and drinking. Tons of people quit for just a day all the time. I’m on DAY 9 totally nicotine free, it’s hard, craving come hard and fast still, I am determined never to take another drag/puff again…….

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