furnace blower bearing noise

Do any of these noises sound eerily familiar to you? Clean the furnace blower carefully before plugging it and using again. The blower wheel blows air out of the furnace and through the house. Once summer came and the blower ramped up for A/C, it got really noisy. Loose Cover Panels. Screeching. If it’s coming from the furnace itself, it might be some sort of leak that should be checked by a technician. Purchased a high efficiency Carrier furnace to be installed with the build. When your furnace blower is making noise like humming, screeching, or thumping, it can be a sign of wear or damage. Furnace Blower Motor Noise. From the very start, the furnace was loud. The motor requires regular lubrication to maintain top performance. Lastly, you need to test the furnace blower by setting its thermostat and allowing it to run for at least 5 minutes. These bearings need regular lubrication to maintain proper function. Contact a professional immediately if you cannot fix the rattling noise by tightening the panels and screw. The blower wheel is attached to the blower motor shaft with a set screw. Sometimes, a broken blower wheel can also be the source of this distinct noise. When the metal inside cools down, your furnace may rattle. This high-pitched noise is persistent and grating, so it’s unlikely that you’ll try to simply ignore it. The company that did the installation cleaned the blower wheel of drywall dust and it helped with some of the noise. Once the bearings are installed, put back the furnace blower motor as well. Check … Grinding and scraping furnace noises usually point to dry bearings within the furnace blower motor. If you want to clean the burners yourself, turn off your furnace system and then the power supply. Tighten properly the bearings using the wrench and wipe out any excessive lubricants. (Here’s what this sounds like) Rumbling. However, if this rattle noise is happening when the furnace is first started up, it may be an issue with the motor bearing or a cracked fan belt. It also could a pulley with failing bearings. We’ve been in the HVAC and furnace repair business for more than 100 years, and we’re here to help. 2. Depending on how old your house is, your furnace may have an inducer motor. Bad Motor Bearing or Cracked Fan Belt. Have been in a new build house for almost 3 years. This sound may come from a loose blower belt, dry shaft bearings, or a damaged blower motor. This could mean that your compressor is failing. If the set screw is loose, the blower wheel will wobble on the motor shaft, and the wheel will be noisy as it turns. Whine, Squeak, Squeal. If you find yourself hearing a strange noise from the furnace inducer motor, we just might have the solution. You may be dealing with a bad belt, a problem with the motor bearings or even a broken part. Rattling (From the Outside Compressor or Fan Unit) Another common HVAC noise is rattle. Or it could be a worn-out compressor clutch. A screeching noise that comes from the furnace is most probably due to motor bearing problems. Screeching noises. Then, carefully vacuum any dust in or near the burners, blower compartment or furnace base. If the noise is loud or sounds more like a bang than a ping, call a professional. If you have a preventive maintenance plan with Estes Services, your technician handles this during an Atlanta furnace maintenance tune up. Moreover, the motor mount may have broken causing the blower assembly to hit the housing. Furnace blower motor rattling noises can become annoying fast. If you’re hearing a loud screeching sound along with a rattle when you turn the furnace on, this could be the bearings in the blower motor, or the motor itself. This is a handy dandy piece of equipment that keeps harmful chemicals, like carbon monoxide, out of your home.

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