warm audio review

Hey there! A fearsome floor-monster that has the massive tones to match its footprint. Then, WA worked with Carnhill Transformers to replicate the Marinair Radar transformers used in the 1073 pre’s very first versions. To buy, click HERE and HERE. Email. I really don’t want to appear like I’m exaggerating but there’s no way around it on this review. 8. Warm Audio WA-251 Tube Condenser Microphone Warm Audio has earned their great reputation by producing high quality reproductions of classic studio gear at an affordable price. Warm audio makes their first guitar pedal ever: The Foxy Tone Box fuzz pedal! Of course, it’s not limited to just microphones. April 4, 2018. Warm Audio has rolled out a 251-style mic that sounds great and is well within reach, pricewise, to the discerning user. The needle in the VU meter moves to the right when the signal passes the compression — and not to the left as you might get in some other compressors. We found that the compressor was great at bringing through some of that low end response that otherwise might get lost in a mix, but thanks to the high pass filter, you can also eliminate rumble, which is particularly useful on things like a stereo piano track, for example. Considering the fact that this piece of gear is largely aimed at taking on the likes of the SSL bus compressor, that’s a pretty impressive price range. Rated 5.0 / 5 by 13 customers! The Warm Audio WA-87 performs exceptionally both as an homage to the classic Neumann U87 and as a mic all on its own. Don’t just stand here. The SSL also features a similar feature to the tone button with its Variable Harmonic Drive that is said to add a harmonic distortion to color the track. The WA12 had a smoother overall tone and could deliver a clean, open sound without the tone button engaged but … Facebook. WA273-EQ . We’ve been testing the Warm Audio Bus-Comp for a while now to find out. There is one feature missing that wouldn’t have added much complexity to the compressor, and that’s a “Mix” knob. The Robbie is a great preamp especially for bass. Build wise, this new WA-251 from Warm Audio is really robust. All This Thread Reviews Gear Database Gear for sale Latest Trending. On the microphone front, they have released the WA-47, WA-87 and WA-14 (modern reproductions of the classic Neumann U47, U87, and AKG C414), among others. Warm Audio Jet Phaser. unveiled the new Warm Audio Bus-Comp compressor, Warm Audio WA-87 R2 Review: Delivering a happy medium between affordability and quality, The newly-formed United Plugins starts with a bang — three new plugins, Softube Summit Audio Grand Channel review, Audified U73b V2 compression plugin review. Warm Audio is a gear manufacturer that strives to emulate the sound quality of vintage high-end gear, but with a much smaller price tag. Thanks to Premier Guitar Magazine for reviewing the Jet Phaser in their latest video. where mics are in close proximity and subject to the dreaded phase cancellation. This makes the two very similar in that way but not completely. For more info, click HERE to go to Warm Audio’s website?. These fit nicely together with the mic that attaches to any boom arm or mic stand. I did have to send the unit in but I won't hesitate to pick up another WA76 knowing if there's any issues their customer service would be on top of it. Une référence. I almost use it exclusively for every bass track I put in, but in any other application it falls short, lacking the highs. The Warm Audio unit definitely held its own. The Warm Audio Bus-Comp is a relatively good-looking 1U machine, with a black and gray color-scheme and that increasingly popular Warm Audio logo on the left. Over the years, they have released multiple microphones including the WA-47 and WA-87, clones of Neumann’s legendary U47 and U87 microphones. So, our third model is a channel from a Millennia HV3 series. Let’s start with part 1 – The Warm Audio WA-273-EQ. The WA12 has the polarity, high z and tone button. I love matching, so I used the Blue Spark (review here) with the focus button not engaged. The Warm Audio WA87 is the most versatile microphone out on the market with an affordable price tag for what it offers. The three units for comparison come at a much heftier price tag, but I will break each of these units down by price of one channel out of the unit. I metered the two as closely to each other as I could and, I have to say, the WA12 held up very easily. I set the pattern to 11 o’clock, which translates to one click off cardioid toward omni. If you’re looking for that old console sound that adds soul to a very digital world, you can stop looking. Richard Purvis. Carefully designed and meticulously manufactured, it's made a warm, rich tone affordable for a new generation of recording artists.

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